About us

Amazing Daycare Facility

The LEASH Loft & Spa provides all avenues for the dog owner. Our 4000 sq-ft facility houses a Daycare, Full service Spa / Grooming, Training and Boutique all under one roof in Coquitlam BC. Our staff are passionate and committed to the care and well-being of your pup. We provide full supervision with a ratio of 1 person per 10 pups to ensure safe play and fun for everyone.

Play all day!

Your dog will have a blast rolling around at the loft while making lifetime friends and relationships, while being mentally stimulated and playing in a safe, secure environment.

We have various areas allowing for dogs of all kinds to enjoy themselves. The Littles Loft for the smaller Lofter, Puppy Socialization for the brand new and inexperienced Lofter, Gen Pop for the play hard Lofter, and the lounge loft for the older dog that enjoys a mature mingle.

Live Love Loft

Your dogs new mantra will be Live-Love-Loft!

Our daycare and grooming centre also advocates for adoption and responsible pet ownership. We proudly support LEASH Animal Welfare Society through monthly contributions.



Our mission

Socialization is the process of exposing dogs to new environments and situations. It helps them to feel more comfortable when encountering new things, animals, people and experiences. Socialization is especially important during the puppy years, when your dog is starting to develop into a social animal.

Well-socialized dogs are typically friendlier, more predictable, happier, and able to handle stress in appropriate ways. Dogs who do not receive adequate socialization will often show traits of fearfulness, shyness, anxiety, and sometimes fear-aggressive behavior because they lack the coping skills to deal with changes life can throw at them.

Socialization does not end with the puppy phase – all dogs, from puppies to seniors, need proper socialization to maintain a healthy, balanced mental state. The lessons dogs learn from other dogs in positive environments will last a lifetime.

The amount of exercise your pup needs on a daily basis will differ based on breed, age, and energy level.

Active breeds, for example, require a minimum of 30 minutes hard, aerobic exercise each and every day. This not only helps with physical stimulation, but mental stimulation as well. Toy breeds are often thought of similarly to house cats, which leads to a major obesity problem among smaller pups. Do not discount the need for daily play and exercise in your small dog.

Regardless of which type of dog you have, every kind of pup will benefit from daycare interactions on a regular basis toward their exercise requirements!

During extremely hot or extremely cold weather, long periods outside may not be a possibility, so indoor play-spaces like Doggy Daycare and the LEASH Loft can be integral to making sure your dog remains stimulated during the week.

Exercise also balances the mind as well as the body, leading to more balanced pups in your everyday life.

Adoption helps stop pet overpopulation. There are too many animals and not enough homes, with shelters facing pet overpopulation issues around the globe.

Adoption saves lives! With shelter overcrowding, many facilities are forced into being ‘kill’ shelters to free up more space for the next wave of dogs coming in. For shelters who are no-kill, they must turn away dogs instead, which can equally jeopardize the life of the dogs who don’t make it in.

Adoption is a second chance. Shelters are full of healthy, loving animals who are not surrendered for being ‘problems’ but who are simply victims of circumstance. In the Lower Mainland alone, we have huge problems with landlords/rentals accepting pets being limited, and the ones that do being far too costly. This forces many families to give up their pets to overcrowded shelters or organizations.

Adoption often costs LESS! Pets adopted from shelters and rescue groups usually cost less than pets purchased from breeders or stores; that being said, if you must buy, please ensure you only purchase your pup from reputable breeders and not from stores you see in the mall or on street corners which often gain dogs and cats through Puppy Brokers and puppy mills.

Ready to adopt? Check out LEASH Animal Welfare Society to start looking for your new friend. Petfinder.com is another amazing resource.